Free Market Analysis

How much is your home worth?

If you’re planning to sell your home in the next few months, get our FREE analysis to help you establish your home’s current market value.  Jack Allen will visit and preview your home, and he will consider all the positives and negatives (if any) of your home.  Jack will conduct a thorough detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your property utilizing current comparable active listings, pending sales, and recent sold listings in your neighborhood to help analyze and calculate the current fair market value of your home.

A “Listing Presentation” is an industry term for a formal presentation that a Realtor makes to prospective home sellers trying to earn their trust and business. Don’t list your home with a real estate agent without one, and remember not all Realtors are alike.  Jack Allen would love an opportunity to make such a presentation to you.

Jack Allen develops a complete detailed marketing plan showing you exactly every activity he will do to get your home SOLD.  You will then see how he proposes to sell your home within your time frame for as much as the current market will bear.  You will see exactly where he will advertise your home, in what print publications and on several Internet websites, giving your home top exposure in the marketplace.  Jack Allen is an expert at online marketing and no other Realtor can market your property professionally like Jack Allen.

Jack makes free marketing presentations and prepares CMAs for prospective home sellers everyday.  Jack has literally done hundreds of them over the years and Jack know exactly what it will take to get that SOLD sign displayed in your front yard.  Jack would love to do one just for you.  It is totally FREE and without any obligation.  Just give Jack a call at 713.594.3910 to schedule an appointment or simply fill out this form.  He will respond immediately…