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Homestyle Trends for 2020

The turn of every decade welcomes new inspirations, new fashions and interesting shifts in popular culture.  With each generation, trends change – especially when it comes to our homes. Well known designer Suzanne Tucker says it best, “As we evolve, our homes should too.”

Let’s take a look back at the last hundred years…

The 1920's was known for its flashy art deco style, modernistic art, and geometric shapes.  

The 1930's brought us streamlined designs using clean lines and industrial materials. 

The 1940's ushered in bright coordinated colors and carried us into the well-known mid-century modern style of the 1950s.  

The 1960's and 70's can only be described as radical and groovy with an emphasis on modern shapes, shag carpets, unexpected color combinations and, well, the color Mustard!

Then came pastels and preppy…hello 1980's! Soft and pasty colors, blue and white striped Ralph Lauren fabrics, and the early days of shabby chic were the fad. This decade introduced the open floorplan with kitchens and family rooms morphing into large spaces designed for entertaining and family living. 

The 1990's featured colored walls, floral curtains, woodgrain textures and big comfy sofas where friends could just hang out - remember Monica and Rachel’s apartment?

With the turn of the century, bright colors quickly faded and kitchens turned all white with trendy black granite countertops. Giant entertainment centers became living room focal points, master bath jacuzzis were a must have and neutral colors took over.

And now we say goodbye to the 2010's where stainless steel appliances, brushed bronze hardware, woodgrain tile floors, and open floorplans are the standard. Thanks to Chip and Jo-Jo, those of us who have jumped on board the succulent, shiplap and farmhouse train might need to be getting off soon.

So, what’s ahead in 2020?  Design experts are pointing toward three style trends that are quickly finding their way into the new decade.


These are the days where less is more, clutter is no longer welcomed and Marie Kondo is becoming a household name. The move toward minimalism is leading homeowners to toss appliances that are rarely used and embrace appliance-free kitchen counters. Home décor is becoming less ornate and homeowners are selecting to display fewer, more personalized items that bring purpose and create conversation. Bulky furniture is being replaced by smaller and sleeker pieces creating living spaces that feel open and airy. In this modern day of endless noise and visual chaos, coming home to clean and simple space is a quickly growing trend.


Given the increasing speed at which people are living life, it’s no surprise that the trend toward creating calm, relaxing and comfortable spaces is on the rise.  Raw materials and unrefined finishes paired with warm and neutral colors make your home a safe and inviting space where rest and rejuvenation become a priority. Adding in elements of nature such as indoor herb gardens, live plants and water features highlight the draw toward sustainable and simplified living.


Millennials are quickly rising as the next generation of homebuyers. With a unique approach to making spaces functional while still aesthetically pleasing, new trends toward efficiency and sustainability are quickly emerging. Smart storage solutions support the move toward simplicity. Technology and home automation allow homeowners to remotely control things like thermostats, appliances and light fixtures. Energy saving appliances and the use of green materials in home construction are becoming a growing trend for this generation focused on minimizing resource consumption and reducing environmental impact.

So if you’re thinking about selling your home, get in touch with me today to talk about your options! It never hurts to pay attention to current trends.  Focusing on making changes that are relevant and appealing to today’s buyer will make for a smoother and quicker home sale!

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